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Anniversary Service: Highlights

Radio 4VEH’s 63rd Anniversary celebrations began Sunday, 2 June, with the annual Thanksgiving service held at Première Eglise Baptiste (First Baptist Church) du Cap-Haitien, Rue 14K. It was a great time of giving thanks to God for His faithfulness in keeping Radio 4VEH on the air since 1950, through worship, special prayers, testimonies shared, and an inspiring sermon, urging the congregation, as well as people listening at home via the live broadcast, to “Hold on Tight to Jesus!”

Two special choirs performed: the church’s Grande Chorale (Main Choir) and Flamme Spirituelle (Spiritual Flame), a young people’s choir whose first CD (entitled Wa Wo) Radio 4VEH has just produced.


Haiti church 4veh service

Officials gathered up offerings taken for Radio 4VEH. Every time you give, you’re joining with others to keep the Gospel voice strong in Haiti.

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4VEH Station Manager Storly Michel’s speech included three highlights: sharing the joy of receiving the NRB International Radio Ministry 2013 award with the congregation (the words ‘World Cup’ were mentioned); announcing the new CD release from Flamme Spirituelle (this is their church); and announcing a new book, the Creole translation of Valetta Steel Crumley’s incredible testimony “Another Valley, Another Victory, Another Love.”


Dr. Vic Gordon, pastor from Ohio and good friend of Radio 4VEH, preached an encouraging message on the Anniversary theme, “Hold on Tight to Jesus” from Rev. 3 :11.  4VEH’s Louis Destiné translated the sermon into Haitian Creole for the congregation, and all listening via the live broadcast on 4VEH.

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After Valetta Steel Crumley (OMS missionary) heard about the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, she felt God’s urging to get her book translated into Creole, to offer comfort and hope to others experiencing such tragedy. What an honor to have Valetta with us for the Anniversary. Valetta began sharing her life story – how she lost her first-born, her son. How she lost her husband. When she got to the part where the policeman told her there’d been a car accident and her two remaining children had been killed, you could hear the whole congregation gasping in horror. But Valetta’s message is one of hope, “Hold tight to Jesus!”