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Disciples Making Disciples in Haiti


By Kate Michel, 4VEH Communications & Fundraising Director

As we celebrate 70 years of ministry this year, I wonder what Brother Bustin, founder of 4VEH, would make of today’s live video-streamed program that joins Haitians together across the globe in prayer before the throne of grace? What would he think of the comment from a Haitian woman, who via the internet on her cellphone is watching and writes “Pray for me, that I will not fall away from the Gospel”?

Back in 1946, Brother Bustin heard a message unmistakably from God. “I want you to build a radio station to evangelize Haiti. It is to be called Radio 4VEH, La Voix Evangelique d’Haiti (The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti).” Despite objections, Bustin felt so convicted that he declared, “I know nothing about radio, and I do not know how we will carry on, but I know God is leading, and he will surely provide!

And God did provide!

Brother G. T. Bustin , Founder of 4VEH

Brother G. T. Bustin , Founder of 4VEH

With its first broadcast on June 2, 1950, 4VEH began as a ministry of East and West Indies Mission. In 1958, One Mission Society took over responsibility for 4VEH, and in so doing, started its work in Haiti that has since established ministries including church planting, a seminary/university, an international school, child sponsorship programs, and a medical center.

Today, these thriving ministries stand in awe at what God can do when we obey his call.

Through one obedient person, God has transformed the lives of generations of Haitians who have come to know, love, and follow Christ as Lord and Savior. In all circumstances, through dictatorship, military coups, desperate poverty, devastating earthquakes, and more, 4VEH has shared the Gospel every day, first by radio, and now through television, digital video, online and social media, and in community outreach.

The last several months in Haiti have been filled with political crisis, violence, roadblocks, school closings, and lives threatened … but the Gospel is not blocked; the Gospel is not shut down; the Gospel is not threatened. God is at work in Haiti as his Word is proclaimed, explained, and lived out with courage by his people.

There Is Hope, His Name Is Jesus

Though some news headlines over recent months may have claimed there is no hope for Haiti, at 4VEH we share a different story. 19-10-gertha-4vehAmong our presenters sharing the good news of Jesus every day is Gertha who leads people in our noontime prayer program, with tears running down her cheeks as she ministers across the airwaves and internet, proclaiming there is hope, his name is Jesus.


Storly at microphone

Years ago, my husband, Storly, (Haitian-born station director) felt God’s leading to get the whole Bible into the hands of those who didn’t have access because they couldn’t afford a radio or read the Bible. The daily 15-minute Bible reading program that he produced on 4VEH received such strong feedback from people, he knew there was a desperate thirst to hear God’s Word.

Man with Resounding Hope radio

So when we launched our evangelism and solar radios initiative Resounding Hope in 2012, God provided through ministry partner Galcom International and their new model solar radio, which has the ability to add audio files. We jumped at the opportunity to add the audio Bible. Since then, Resounding Hope solar radios, with the Haitian Creole audio Bible, have opened doors for Gospel transformation in more than 16,000 homes across northern Haiti. Even when roads are blocked, the Gospel is not. And his Word will not return void.

Kingdom Harvest in Haiti

We’re celebrating 4VEH’s 70th anniversary this year (June 2 is the anniversary of 4VEH’s first broadcast), but what will the next 70 years hold for Haiti, for 4VEH as Gospel seeds are sown faithfully, watered daily, pruned and prepared for his kingdom harvest? We echo Brother Bustin’s words as we pursue compelling, creative ways to share God’s story of hope with Haitians everywhere, whatever the circumstances … we “know God is leading, and he will surely provide!”