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Generator Appeal

At Radio-TV 4VEH, we rely on generators to produce and broadcast programs that reach, teach and serve the people of Haiti every day. Last week, we had a serious generator problem that meant 4VEH was off the air. Please help us raise $50,000 to repair and replace generators.

Generators are our only reliable source of electricity. Without generators, 4VEH is off the air.

Last week, while parts were being repaired in the USA for one generator, another generator broke down. They are at least 15 years old, well beyond their expected lifespan. This means no power in the building, no computers, no programs can be produced, and there’s no broadcasting. We are off the air.

Listeners inside and outside Haiti are already telling us how much they miss the broadcasts – and they are stepping up to donate funds to repair and replace generators. One listener has pledged $2,000 and has challenged other Haitians to give, too.

We’re praying for $50,000 for repairs on existing generators and to replace one generator.

Please join with our Haitian listeners and help by making a donation for generators today.

You can give online to 4VEH Generators # 452380 by credit card today through One Mission Society or send a check to:

USA: Make your gift by check, payable to One Mission Society with #452380/4VEH Generators on the memo line. Send to: One Mission SocietyPO Box 1648, Monument CO 80132-1648

Canada: Make your gift by check, payable to One Mission Society Canada. Write 4VEH Generators in the memo line. Send to: One Mission Society-Canada, 1295 North Service Rd, PO Box 1457, Burlington, ON L7R 4L9  Tel: 289-288-7077

When we announced on 4VEH’s listener-focused Facebook page that we were off the air, listeners made these comments: 

“I’m praying night and day for 4VEH” – Exante


“Ooooooooooh – you’re my life after Almighty God. My first university!” – Loubens


“You’re in my prayers. God knows how important you are to me.” – Siloue


Another listener Ebern wrote “I’m writing to tell you that I can’t live without 4VEH. Please tell those who are working on the technical breakdown.”


Please give to the 4VEH Generator Appeal today to help 4VEH stay on the air to reach, teach and serve the people of Haiti through media. Thank you! 

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why generators?  Generators provide our only reliable source of electricity. While the public power grid or solar power are options for some, these are still unreliable, insufficient options for 4VEH. We rely on diesel-fueled generators to supply steady electricity to the broadcasting center for program production and broadcasting; to auditorium facilities rented for weddings, conferences; to our mission neighbors at One Mission Society’s Cowman International School (and for internet to the OMS mission compound and office); and at the tower site, to send the AM signal across northern Haiti.
  • Are there ways to reduce the need for these generators? Over the last few years, we’ve made changes to improve the efficiency of the electrical system, including an improved configuration of batteries and inverter charging system so when the generators are on, they charge batteries that can provide lower-level power outside of business hours, for a few lights and the broadcast equipment. The generators at the broadcast center are now used 12 hours a day instead of 18 hours. This has reduced our monthly fuel bill.
  • How old are 4VEH’s generators? How long should they last? – The average lifespan of our diesel generators is 7-10 years. Two of 4VEH’s generators are more than 15 years old. The other two are nearing the end of their expected lifespan.