4veh studio upgrade

Help With Studio Upgrades

Ever been distracted during a worship service by noise outside? 

This happens at our on-air and recording studios at 4VEH because our studios don’t have enough soundproofing or acoustic treatment. Noise outside the studios disrupts live programs and music recordings.

We’re using old equipment (donated, used, to 4VEH back in 2004) to record music. It’s like using a cassette recorder for broadcast-quality audio—the equipment is just not up to the task.

We have an incredible opportunity to upgrade our studios this November, so that listeners have the best experience of hearing the Gospel through our radio programs, and our studio clients have excellent recordings of their music that will lead others to worship.

Sound experts from TWR (Trans World Radio, a global media ministry) have come to 4VEH to help, but the work needs to be done quickly before they move on to other assignments.


Funds Still Needed to Complete Project

The work team is on site. Some materials like insulation and recording equipment have been shipped in. But we still need some funds to finish this project.

Can you help with a gift of $500, $1,000, $5,000 today? Any amount you can give today will help. Make your donation securely online, or mail your check today, payable to One Mission Society with “408190 4VEH Studio Upgrades” in memo line, to:

One Mission SocietyPO Box 1648, Monument CO 80132-1648

Thank you so much.