4VEH Hurricane Help

Hurricane Help

When Hurricane Irma threatened to hit the northern coast of Haiti, where 4VEH is located, we were extremely concerned, not only for the millions of vulnerable people in its path, but for our staff and facilities, too.

As friends like you prayed, our staff gave updates on 4VEH’s AM and FM stations, online streaming, apps, local television and social media. Though other countries were badly hit, we thank God that Hurricane Irma turned away from Haiti—as did Maria two weeks later.

4VEH news presenter Elima says: “Irma was a Category 5 hurricane—we know Haiti can’t handle that kind of storm. No Category 5 hurricanes have hit Haiti since 1851. On air, we explained the destruction a monster hurricane can cause and urged people to get to safer places. People were very frightened. But we also gave them spiritual truths that God is in control, that He loves us, and invited our audiences to join us in praying for God’s protection in this storm.”

One listener said: “I was so scared, but I heard 4VEH say to pray because God is with us. That’s the only reason we were able to sleep at all that night, because of this reassurance of God’s presence we heard on 4VEH.”

Every day, with your support, Haitians are finding help and the eternal hope of Jesus. Thank you so much.