Listener Kersius

Kersius: “Listening to 4VEH for 53 years!”

Meet Kersius.

We interviewed Kersius, confined in recent years to a wheelchair, in December, when he visited 4VEH with an inspiring group who call themselves super-listeners. They listen to 4VEH nearly all day, every day. They meet together to pray for us. They give financially, sacrificially, too.

Listener Kersius

Kersius told us how in 1964, as a brand new believer, he found 4VEH on his radio dial—and has listened every day since, drawn to the life-transforming message of hope in Jesus that he hears on 4VEH every day.

He said: “4VEH feeds me. It teaches me—with 4VEH, I feel alive.”

“Whether I’m walking or in this wheelchair, pray for me that I’ll stay firm in my faith in Jesus.”

“I’ve been listening to 4VEH for 53 years!” he said. “And I’ll listen to 4VEH till the day I die.”

Three days after our video interview, Kersius died, passing into eternity with his beloved Savior. We are sharing his story on 4VEH TV, YouTube, and Facebook as a powerful testimony to others. His passion for Jesus is obvious. More than 1,500 people have watched Kersius’s story so far.

Our vision at 4VEH is to see an increasing number of Haitians knowing Christ as Savior and Lord, maturing in their faith, taking active roles in their churches and communities with a missionary vision wherever they are. Just like Kersius!

This daily ministry cannot happen without faithful partners who pray, give and volunteer. Right now, we urgently need your financial support to fill a gap in funds before our fiscal year-end on March 31 – in less than 10 days – so that ministry continues uninterrupted.

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As God prompts you, please consider making a special Easter donation today. Every $50 funds one hour of Christ-centered ministry. Your gift today, of any amount, will make a difference!

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch Kersius share his story. You’ll see that Kersius prayed for friends like you.

“If I could, I would carry 4VEH on my back, and give it everything it needs. I don’t have the means … but I’m praying for 4VEH. I pray for people who have money, that 4VEH can touch their hearts to give so that 4VEH never stops.”

Your special donation this Easter will:

  • help more people in Haiti find eternal hope in Jesus.
  • equip believers desperately needing encouragement and practical help.

As we trust the Lord for funds needed for ministry next month, would you pray and consider being part of his provision by making a donation right away?

Your prayers and donations are vital as we partner in the Lord’s work to reach, teach, and serve Haitians through media. Thank you so much!