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Make A Joyful Noise: Update on Studio Upgrades

Psalm 98 tells us to “make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth! Break forth into joyful songs of praise!” (ISV).

We hope our recent studio upgrades will help our radio producers and local Christian artists to do just that—and encourage listeners to join in the joyful noise to the LORD, too!

Last Fall, we launched an appeal for funds to remodel and upgrade 4VEH’s main recording studio, and on-air studio (studio 6). Inadequate soundproofing and insulation, and bad acoustics were causing problems for radio programs, and for music recordings. Our producers were still using old equipment (donated, used, to 4VEH back in 2004) to record music—just not up to the task.

So, with sound experts from TWR (Trans World Radio, a global media ministry) and a team of volunteers ready to help, and a very tight deadline to complete the work, many of you gave generously. Thank you so much!

Very soon, we hope to share news of local Christian artists using our updated facilities to record their albums!