Thank you for donating to Radio 4VEH

Matching Gift Challenge: Thank you!

Dear friends,

Thank you for giving so generously during our Christmas 2013 Matching Gift Challenge!

Your donations to Radio 4VEH broadcasting helped us reach – and exceed – our goal of $40,000, and receive the full amount of a matching gift of $40,000 pledged by one generous donor. Altogether, you have helped provide enough funds to produce and broadcast nearly 2,000 hours of Christ-centered, life-changing radio programs across Haiti. What a great start to 2014!

On 20 December, one listener named Soeurette left this message on Radio 4VEH’s Facebook page:

“We can never say thank you enough for the kind of blessing 4VEH brings to our home, our life, every day. This kind of blessing doesn’t have a price tag…THIS is a life-saving radio, GOD bless, love you guys.”

Thank you so much for partnering with us to be a lifeline to people across Haiti and beyond through Radio 4VEH. God bless you!

Together serving God and the Haitian people,


Rev. Storly Michel, Station Director, Radio 4VEH

P.S. If you didn’t make a donation during December, why not start off the year with a donation today? Your donation will help produce and broadcast life-changing radio programs in Haitian Creole and French—including Bible teaching, worship music, news, weather warnings, farming advice, and life-saving messages like “wash your hands to prevent deadly cholera.”

To donate today:

Click here to donate online

Send your gift by mail in the USA to:

One Mission Society, PO Box 1648, Monument, CO 80132-1648, with “4VEH #469960″ in memo line