4VEH Petite Anse AM

Petite Anse Update #4: One Tower Down Safely!

Thank you so much for your prayers and donations towards our Petite Anse Restore the Signal Project, to replace old radio towers, restore full signal strength (to reach 10 times as many people currently being reached), and secure and protect the integrity of the site for long-term ministry. We’re making progress!

  • Fully-funded: All the funds needed to complete this project have been given or pledged. Thank you to all our generous donors for your contributions! 
  • Containers have arrived: Three containers with new specially manufactured radio towers, equipment and supplies arrived in Cap-Haitien from the USA, and are now in place at the Petite Anse site ready for work.



  • The team of technicians from Towers for Jesus are in Haiti and hard at work. They have taken one of the 40-year-old towers down, are doing some preparation work and will be getting two new towers erected and connected over the next few weeks. Please pray for them and the work they’re doing.

Jim from Towers for Jesus leads the prayer before they begin bringing the tower down.



Towers for Jesus crew heads out to cut guywires, and bring the tower down safely.



Here comes the tower.



Safely down on the ground.



Praise the Lord – it’s down safely!