4VEH Petite Anse AM

Petite Anse Update #5: New Towers Up!

For more than two years, we’ve been asking for your prayers and support to Restore the AM Signal at Petite Anse, Radio 4VEH’s AM Transmission site in Cap-Haitien.

The site is a powerhouse for the Gospel, set up to send Christian radio with Bible teaching, encouragement, health and farming advice, and life-saving weather warnings all across the mountains of northern Haiti. But in 2012, when thieves broke in to the property and stole equipment, the signal was badly affected, only reaching about 10% of its normal broadcast area.

Many listeners in towns and villages in the five northern states of Haiti have been asking when will they get 4VEH again.

Let us pray for Radio 4VEH…we want to get it back!

— Brother Kenson Adisson in L’Estere

With your prayers and the financial support of generous friends in Haiti and the USA, and the technical skills and experience of Kintronic Labs, and the Towers for Jesus crew, we’ve reached a milestone in this project. The two 40-year-old crumbling towers have been taken down safely, and the new AM towers – 270 foot and 200 foot – are both in place! Praise God!

Lord willing, within a matter of days, all wiring and connections will be completed, and the AM signal will be switched back on. And Radio 4VEH, the Evangelistic Voice of Haiti, will again broadcast on 840 AM, reaching an area where more than four million people live, most with no daily Gospel influence at all.

Stay tuned to Radio 4VEH and check in on our Facebook page for updates on when 840 AM is back at full power. Thanks so much for your part in restoring the signal to reach a nation for Christ.


 The first new tower goes up.


Towers for Jesus leader Jim controls the winch while crew member is on the tower.


Team gets next piece of the new tower ready.




View of the second tower, and the Petite Anse area.


4VEH Station Director Storly Michel and one member of the Towers for Jesus crew near the top of the 200 foot new AM tower.



Lights on top of the towers.


 Great progress made by the Towers for Jesus crew and local Haitian workers.

4veh-lsm-158-06 (1)


The Haitian and American flags blowing in the wind at the top of the 2nd tower now in place. Testimony to the partnership of God’s people to restore 4VEH’s AM signal and proclaim Christ across Haiti.


A Haitian flag and an American flag attached to the final section of the 2nd tower. Two towers up – praise the Lord! 4VEH Operations Director Witny Telfort enjoys the view from the top of the tower.