14 10 Petite Anse Update6

Petite Anse Update #6: 840 AM Switched Back On

Glory to God! Radio 4VEH is back at full power on 840 AM – broadcasting a message of hope to an area where more than four million people live.

This huge project has only been possible thanks to the prayers and donations of friends of Radio 4VEH, combined with the skills and hard work of experienced AM radio and tower specialists from Kintronic Labs and Towers for Jesus, and short-term missions teams, and local laborers working to rebuild the perimeter wall.

The wall around the Petite Anse AM Transmission site has been rebuilt. Two old, crumbling radio towers have been replaced with new towers, and a state-of-the-art tuning system installed for the best signal possible – all for the purpose of reaching people with the Gospel, building up the church through daily discipleship, and serving the people of Haiti in Jesus’ name.

So, on 8 October 2014, after offering thanks to the Lord and to all who have played a part, Station Director Storly Michel turned the switch on, and the far-reaching 840 AM station came back to life, broadcasting a message of hope to an area across northern Haiti where more than four million people live.

Please continue to pray for the impact of the radio programs in the lives of all who listen. Thank you so much!