4VEH from Haiti to the world

Snow Affects Broadcast for Haitians Around the World

At Radio 4VEH, we often face challenges with a piece of equipment, whether it’s equipment in the studio, generators providing electricity, or equipment transmitting the signal to our listeners. But this week, we’ve been facing an unusual challenge – snow!

Not snow in Haiti, but snow at radio station WFRN in Elkhart, Indiana, USA.

Since 2004, Haitians around the world have been able to listen to Radio 4vEH via live streaming on the internet, thanks to our partnership with WFRN.

WFRN receive our satellite signal from Haiti and put it onto the internet for us. At the end of last week, they had a lot of snow, which covered the satellite dish and cut the signal. Engineers have been working to get everything reset. Please pray the problems will be fixed today.

Since its early days of broadcasting on shortwave to today’s technologies,  Radio 4VEH’s reach goes across Haiti to isolated, mountainous communities and well beyond Haiti’s country borders to Haitian listeners in more than 90 countries around the world.

Millions of Haitians live outside of Haiti, with up to a million in the US, hundreds of thousands in neighboring Dominican Republic as well as Cuba, Puerto Rico, Canada (primarily Montreal), Bahamas, France, Jamaica, the French Antilles, Turks and Caicos, Mexico, Virgin Islands, Brazil, and French Guiana, among others.

Through listener feedback via phone, letter and more and more via our Facebook page, many listeners are connecting for the first time or re-connecting with ‘their radio station’.

One listener in the States writes:

“My wife and I are so happy to find 4VEH again after more than 30 years of separation. We now live in New Jersey, and we listen to 4VEH 24 hours a day!”

Today, Haitians all over the world are able to listen to Radio 4VEH in the following ways (all these have been affected by signal problems this week):

  • 24 hours a day internet streaming on our website www.radio4veh.org (French side and English side of website)
  • the use of the Tune-In app (approx 11,000 listeners a month, listening for 50,000 listening hours a month via the Tune-In app)
  • listening to Radio 4VEH by telephone in the US via AudioNow (about 15,000 calls a month)
  • through partner stations  in the US, including Echo Evangélique de Boston

Thank you for your prayers as we minister to Haitians in Haiti and around the world.