2 June 1950 – 2 June 2013: Join Us in Celebrating 63 Years

On 2 June 2013, just like every year, staff, listeners and friends of Radio 4VEH will be joining together to thank and praise God for His faithfulness over more than six decades of radio ministry that changes lives in Haiti.

Our theme this year: Hold on to Jesus! (from Rev 3:16)

Come and join us for a Worship & Thanksgiving Service at First Baptist Church of Cap-Haitien, Rue 14k and for a special week of “Open Doors” at the Radio 4VEH broadcasting center in Morne Rouge.

Sunday 2 June 2013 – 9 :30 AM till 12 : PM, we’ll join together with one voice at First Baptist Church of Cap-Haitien, Rue 14k to worship the Lord and thank Him for 63 years of radio ministry. With every day, every new year, every challenge or blessing, we want to cry like the psalmist: “Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.” (Psalm 115:1)

From Monday 3 June till Friday 7 June, from 10 :00 AM – 5 :00 PM, our doors will be open to welcome you: listeners, friends and supporters. You’ll have the opportunity to visit our studioes, greet your friends and family on the air, get to know our staff and bring your Anniversary offering for 4VEH.

And for you, our extended family around the world, rest assured, we’ll bring you the Worship Service, live on air, on Sunday 2 June and bring you glimpses of the Open Doors week 3-7 June.

Thank you for your faithfulness in listening and supporting Radio 4VEH. We want to hold firm to Jesus and always offer ourselves in His service and for the Haitian people.

To every one of you: Happy 63th Anniversary in Christ!